Last Week Compiled Angular 6, ECMAScript 2018, and CSS Grid

Angular 6, ECMAScript 2018, and CSS Grid

This is Last Week Compiled, Volume 1, Issue 3. Each week, I browse over 100 top sites about web design, web development, and more to stay up-to-date with the latest news, tools, resources, and best practices.

In case you missed it, I've hand-picked for you the 10 best of the best articles from last week that are worth your time and attention.

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  1. Version 6 of Angular Now Available – “The 6.0.0 release of Angular is here! This is a major release focused less on the underlying framework, and more on the toolchain and on making it easier to move quickly with Angular in the future.” - Stephen Fluin

  2. Here are examples of everything new in ECMAScript 2016, 2017, and 2018 – “It’s hard to keep track of what’s new in JavaScript (ECMAScript). And it’s even harder to find useful code examples. So in this article, I’ll cover all 18 features that are listed in the TC39’s finished proposals that were added in ES2016, ES2017, and ES2018 (final draft) and show them with useful examples.” – rajaraodv

  3. BigInt: arbitrary-precision integers in JavaScript – “BigInts are a new numeric primitive in JavaScript that can represent integers with arbitrary precision. This article walks through some use cases and explains the new functionality in Chrome 67 by comparing BigInts to Numbers in JavaScript.” – Mathias Bynens

  4. How to develop an eye for Design – “When I started off in design, I sucked… Though I was no product design prodigy, I figured out how to quickly hack together the skills I needed. And now I want to share one of those lessons with you. Whether or not you’re a designer, this exercise will help sharpen your product sense and improve your eye for design.” – Kathleen Warner

  5. An overview of Visual Studio Code for front-end developers – “No matter whether you are a code newbie or a seasoned developer, code editor is an imperative part of your work. The problem, especially if you are a beginner, is that there are tons of choices for IDEs. And many of them share similar features, functionalities, and even UI. As a result, choosing the right IDE might actually take more time and effort that you thought.” – Vinh Le

  6. How to Become a Web Developer Without Losing Your Mind – “Becoming a web developer is a path littered with mental traps. Step carefully on the muddy footprints of those who walked before you… If becoming a developer is your goal, here are some common traps to look out for.” – Julie Torres

  7. CSS Grid — Responsive layouts and components – “Today we’re going to talk about how to build responsive layouts while using CSS Grid…In this post, we’re going to build a photo gallery (on our fictional social network for dogs) and I’m going to show you how I organize responsive layouts in two different scenarios…” – Rafaela Ferro

  8. Here’s where I am two years after deciding to become a self-taught developer – “Two years ago I made the decision to change my career from structural to software engineering. I currently work as a developer consultant, which is my second job as a software developer/engineer. I typically work with web applications.” – Developer Davo

  9. Portfolios Aren’t What Get You the UX Design Job – “If you only needed a portfolio to get a job, it would be easy. Anyone could do it given the time and resources. So what’s the secret that transcends the portfolio?” – Tiffany W. Eaton

  10. 10 Code Snippets For Creating Animated Headers & Video Backgrounds – “Every great website needs a beautiful header to grab attention. It’s the first thing visitors see, and it’s the only thing encouraging visitors to scroll down. If you want to grab attention fast then a custom animated header is one way to do it. And these examples are sure to grab anyone’s attention after they land on your site for the first time.” – Jake Rocheleau

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