Discover How To Maximize Your Earning Potential As A Web Developer (Even If You Tried Everything Else and Failed!)

When it comes to freelancing as a web developer, it may seem overwhelming and frustrating. You may have the technical skills, but you may not know where to begin. You may not know how to market and sell your services.

Perhaps you're not sure how to get clients or what to charge them when you do. And, how do you protect yourself from being sued by your very own clients? 

Also...once you start freelancing, you may be wondering how to grow and scale your service, so that you can move away from trading hours for dollars.

I've put together a guide that walks you through step-by-step how to freelance as a web developer.

I think this resource will be helpful to you. Let me explain…

How Will Your Life Be Different A Year From Now?

My name is Hahna Kane Latonick, as seen on Fox Business News, Entrepreneur, and Yahoo Finance!

Every day, people work the 9-5 grind, wishing they could one day escape the rat race. But imagine, for a moment, that today was different. Today, you were your own boss working your own schedule and monetizing your technical skills to fatten your pockets instead of your employer. Imagine you were earning double than what you were making at your job.

What if this “other life” didn’t have to be a dream?

How could someone go from a dead-end position to an extraordinary career?

One word…


Becoming a freelancer gives you the greatest freedom and flexibility to achieve the career and lifestyle you want and deserve.

Even if you have no college degree, limited work experience, or you are considering switching careers, freelancing is your golden ticket.

But how do you this as a web developer?

Introducing The Freelance Developer Masterclass

More than 53 million Americans are now earning income from work that’s not a traditional 9-to-5. That’s 1 in 3 workers. By 2020, the number of American freelancers is expected to rise to 60 million.

Why are so many people turning to freelancing?

  • They are dissatisfied with their current job
  • They want a taste of what it’s like to run their own business
  • They want to design their own day around what works for them, not their employers
  • They want to spend more quality time with family and friends
  • They want to travel more and travel when they want to
  • They want to pay down debt, build wealth and leave a legacy

Too many people struggle to become a freelance developer because they don't have the mentorship or guidance to do it right. This course is my answer for all of you who have reached out for help.

I've piled everything I know and everything that has made freelancers successful into this course. I created this course to teach you how you can hit the ground running in becoming a freelancing web developer.

What Topics Does the Course Cover?

I’ve developed a time-tested and proven formula for people to freelance the right way. In this course, the topics we will cover include:

  • Designing your freelance strategy
  • Determining your audience
  • Identifying what products and services to offer
  • How to price anchor your products and services
  • How to market your products and services
  • How to attract clients
  • How to close the deal
  • How to retain your clients
  • How to turn your clients into true fans
  • How to go from freelancer to entrepreneur

By following the step-by-step road-map, you can more easily and methodically become a freelance web developer.

Class Details: Here Is What You Will Get

Here is what your course will include:

  • Full Course: The Freelance Developer Masterclass
  • Checklists for each strategy you learn
  • Video downloads
  • Audio downloads
  • PDF Presentation downloads
  • Access to a community of developers for support, advice, and recommendations.

Are You Ready To Become A Freelance Developer?

The entire Freelance Developer Masterclass--all strategies, checklists and downloads—is broken into modules to ensure that you don’t get overwhelmed. You also get access to all the material, so you can truly go at your own pace. Select your investment option below to get started.

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